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Board of Directors

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League year starts July 1st and Ends June 30th.

Presidents - Rollin Richmond
Vice President - Celeste Ruiz
Past President - Kathy Johanson
Secretary - Patricia-Anne WinterSun
Treasurer - Deborah Downs


  • Judy Bennett
  • Nancy Kay
  • Julie Kelly
  • Leslie Leach
  • Mary Lou Lowry
  • Byrd Lochtie
  • Carol Masterson
  • Keith Snow-Flamer
  • Becky Simpson
  • Elaine Weinreb


Check the calendar for upcoming meetings times. Minutes and Financial Documents are available in our office by appointment. Please contact us at

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The League's leadership meets regularly and guides the League's actions and ongoing business. Contact us to get more information.

Join a Committee

There are various positions and committees you can join and be a part of. Become a member today and attend a board or membership meeting to introduce yourself and learn about activities you could join.

Here's a list of existing committees and their current Chairs.


  • Program Chair: Anne Hartline/Judy Bennett
  • Action Chair: Open
  • Natural Resources Chair: Patricia-Anne WinterSun
  • Government Chair: Elizabeth Smith, Julie Kelly
  • Social Policy Chair: Mary Lou Lowry

  • Membership: Becky Simpson
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Alex Stillman
  • Publications: Lorey Keele
  • Board Hospitality: Kathy Johanson
  • Communications Support: Kathy Johanson

  • Marathon Fundraiser: Kay Escarda
  • Poll Workers Fundraiser: Carolyn Otis
  • State of the Community Luncheon (SOCL) Chair: Judy Bennett

  • Access Humboldt Representative: Elaine Weinreb
  • Publicity: Andrea Enyedi
  • Social Media: Kathy Johanson, Celeste Ruiz
  • Webmaster: Kathy Johanson
  • VOTER Publication: Leslie Leach
  • VOTER Circulation: Carolyn Otis

  • Voter Service Director: Becky Simpson
  • Candidate Forums: Carol Masterson
  • Community Education: Nancy Kay
  • Election Service: Byrd Lochtie
  • Historian: Carole Ziskin
  • Voter Registration: Celeste Ruiz